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New Google Earth 5 – Oceans, Time Machine and Virtual Mars Tour

By Debjit on July 26th, 2009 

The Google Team launched the latest Google Earth (which is into it`s 5th version from the previous 4.3). Let us find out what this newoceanbeneath Google Earth has to give to it`s users:

Oceans: The most notable feature of this version of google earth is that it features the oceans well mapped along with their depths and contours starting from the ocen top till the ocean bed (or the bathymetric map, as they say). Unlike the previous version where you could only see some blue low-resolution shading to show ocean depth, the current version lets you drop below the Ocean surface and explore the seafloor in 3D. a-coral-seen-off-jarvis-i-002(guess the 'Diver' in you just woke up!!). Not only this, you could also come across videos and images of ocean life and logs of real ocean expeditions among others.

Time Machine: Google`s keyword for the feature is Historical Imagery. With this new feature, you can now move back and forth in time to see changes places have undergone over time. The googleblog suggests the example of the transformation of South San Francisco into the modern Day Silicon Valley.

Touring: You can now record tours by specifying routes from origins to destinations and share it with people

Virtual Mars Tour: Google`s term for this feature is 3D Mars. As the name suggests, an exhaustive and detailed 3D tour of Mars Planet is now possible thanks to NASA and Google.

Go, try out the new Google Earth!


New Google Earth 5 – Oceans, Time Machine and Virtual Mars Tour was originally published on on February 2, 2009 - 7:28 pm (Indian Standard Time)