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Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Here is a list of the best Android, iPhone & iPad apps for getting free live cricket scores on your mobile phones. You can also get scores using SMS & IFTTT!

 Google   Mobile   Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Debjit

Google Takes a Step towards the Future through Google Glass

Google Glass Photo

Google brings back face-to-face interaction without taking away our connectivity to the world wide web through Google Glass.

 Google   Opinion  

By Debjit

5 Reasons Why Android Need Not Fear the iPhone 5 (iOS 6)

Android Logo

The Apple iPhone 5 is here. Should Android fans, developers and phone manufacturers be concerned?

 Apple   Google   Opinion  

By Debjit

gmaps.js – Easiest Way To Integrate Google Maps Features In Your Website / Application

gmaps.js - easily integrate / use Google Maps in your website

Google Maps is one of the mostly used and very famous web based maps services available out there. Developers have been using the Google Maps services since a long time for integrating maps, places and location based features in their web or mobile applications or websites. However, one problem is that integrating Google maps in…

 Google   Programming   Tools  

By Debjit

Google Drive Finally Unveiled

The rumor surrounding Google Drive goes back a long time. After the initial rumors, nothing sort of happened and ┬ájust recently the rumor started again. Today, Google has finally launched the service. As expected, Google Drive allows users to store documents, photos etc. on the cloud and share them with anyone. However, unlike other services…

 Google   News  

By Ricky

Google Drive Launching Next Week – 5GB Space; Support For Mac, Windows, iOS & Android

Google Drive - 5GB space with Support for Android, Windows, iOS & Mac

Looks like, the much awaited Google Drive is finally available for users. The entire tech community is buzz with this news that Google Drive – an online storage service much like Dropbox, will most probably be launched by Google next week. From all that is known to the community about Google Drive, the service would…

 Google   News  

By Debjit

Microsoft says Google bypassed privacy settings in Explorer too, fails to mention similar violations by Facebook or Bing

Internet Explorer 10

Last week, Microsoft announced that Google had been circumventing privacy settings on Apple Safari, violating user privacy by placing cookies that track users on the web. This week, Microsoft has gone further and attacked Google again for having done the same with Internet Explorer’s privacy settings as well. The company released a blog post this…

 Google   Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

Adobe Flash To Be Available Only On Google Chrome In Linux

Adobe has never provided proper support for Flash on Linux. In fact, they only introduced the 64-bit build of Flash in July last year. Today, they have announced that they will no longer release future versions of Flash on Linux – except as a part of Google Chrome. Since 2009, Google has been working together…

 Google   Linux   News  

By Ricky

Google Drive Screenshot and Logo emerge on the Internet

Google Drive Logo

Google says it will be coming out with its Google Drive soon, although the exact date of launch has not been revealed yet, meaning it could be months before we actually get to see Google Drive in action. But for now, two screenshots have emerged online which give us insights into the possible logo and…

 Google   News  

By Debjit

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