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10 Useful & Free Google Nexus One apps

By Debjit on January 28th, 2010 

Nexus One AppsNow That the Nexus One is out, You should get some good apps to use your phone more effectively. The Nexus One from Google is an Android based mobile phone. You must have heard of things like Symbian and Windows Mobile - all these are operating systems for the mobile phones. Similarly, android is also an operating system for mobile phones. In this article we will throw a light on 10 general purpose applications that will help you to use your new Nexus One mobile phone in a better way.


FBabble is a Fecebook Pocket Application for your Nexus One mobile phone. It lets you stay in touch with your friends on Facebook wherever you go with the help of original facebook features such as real-time chat, uploading photos, changing current status. Using FBabble you can even post tweets automatically to your twitter account. You can download it here

fbabble for nexus one 

Meebo IM

Meebo is one of the best Mobile Phone messenger clients which supports many famous chat services like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace IM, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ. It also has the ability to save all your chat history if you sign in using a Meebo account. Meebo is available for your Nexus One phone too and it is free. you can download it from the Android Marketplace here

meebo for nexus one

GMail App

This is an official App from Google for using GMail on the Nexus One Phone. This app has lot of features such as voice input and push email. For more details and download links visit this page

Reality Browser

The Layar Reality Browser shows real-time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone. With many local layers and global content from Flickr, Wikipedia, Yelp, Google local search, Qype, Brightkite, Yellowpages(soon),Twitter and much more Layar Reality Browser really helps you keep up with your surroundings.

layar reality browsing nexus one


This app - Scan2PDF - turns your Nexus one phone into a full fledged scanning machine. Documents are scanned using the Nexus one's phone camera and these can be converted into a PDF. which are saved to phone/SD card and can be emailed directly from the phone or transferred to PC. The pages are compressed and enhanced to produce a compact, readable PDF file.

Twitter Clients

There are two twitter clients currently available for your Nexus One phone and both are equally good. These are the Twitdroid and the Twidgit

twidgit twitter client

Stock Ticker & Portfolio Manager

Finance and economy are two thing about which you should always stay updated and these days almost everyone is putting their money in the stock markets. The Finance App for nexus one aims at the same thing. Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes, synchronizes with your Google Finance portfolios and lets you view the latest market and company news.

finance app


There may be certain private pictures on your NexusOne phone that you would not like any of your friends to see. Or in case you misplace your phone, you need to make sure no one gets to lay their hands on your private pictures. This is where the app PhotoVault comes handy. PhotoVault puts private pictures behind a password protected wall, hiding them from people and applications on your phone.



Ringdroid is an unique app that is available only for the Nexus One (and other Android phones) that has a graphical waveform editor which lets you edit any MP3 on your phone or record a new sound and turn it into a ringtone, alarm, or notification. You need not be a pro to edit the tracks using the simple and easy-to-use waveform editor of Ringdroid.


Lyrics Search

No wonder you must be using your Nexus One phone as a music player. But at times you may come across a track which you may not understand. This is where Lyrics search helps you by searching the song's lyrics on You can search by artist or song name, copy and paste lyrics into sms, email, or other applications, and save lyrics or buy the song on amazon mp3.

Lyrics Search Nexus One

Weather App

Weather News is really important especially for those who are always on the move. The Weather Channel's Nexus One App gives you everything right from customizable weather maps to video forecasts and severe weather alerts. Try it right now.

Weather App Nexus One


10 Useful & Free Google Nexus One apps was originally published on on January 28, 2010 - 12:31 am (Indian Standard Time)