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The Heist Knocks Off Angry Birds As Apple App Store’s Top Paid App

By Debjit on May 29th, 2011 

There has been one app that has constantly held the top paid app spot in Apple’s App Store: Angry Birds. Other apps too for a brief period see the top position, but the Angry Birds flies back to the top every time! However, one app has broken this jynx. After spending an incredible 275 days as the best selling app in the US Itunes Store, Angry Birds has been knocked off the #1 spot by a puzzle game called The Heist.

The Heist, an app created by MacHeist and Taptaptap, has surpassed Angry Birds in downloads for the 3rd day in a row and seems like it would continue to reign longer. After a partial day 1, The Heist saw download numbers just over 25,000. This was already enough to overtake Angry Birds. But what’s really remarkable are the day 2 numbers. There were 89,798 downloads of The Heist on day 2 which means that the app is selling more that one per second. And don't forget that its a 'paid app' for $0.99.

According to the developers, The Heist features a fiendishly secured vault worth cracking; 4 types of challenging puzzles; 60 fun, addictive puzzles to solve; 19 Game Center achievements to earn. Lastly, the game has an incentive, so a valuable prize awaits you at the end. Who would not love that? Moreover, it’s graphically pleasing and has a few surprises from the moment the app is opened.

Strategy for success :

Without a good strategy any app can't get a soaring success. The success behind the app has been traced to good launch strategies. The team behind The Heist also sells a popular OSX Software Bundle, MacHeist. They began hinting about The Heist game earlier this year, and actually hid clues in the initial version of Twitter for Mac.

Not only is this app selling like hotcakes, but it is also getting great reviews. People are quite surprised with what this game has to offer. Seems like it will gain some longevity on the charts.

Angry Birds, you get some rest for the time being !!!

Get The Heist here in the App Store.


The Heist Knocks Off Angry Birds As Apple App Store’s Top Paid App was originally published on on May 29, 2011 - 11:13 am (Indian Standard Time)