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How to do almost anything with MyMobileR – Your remote Windows Mobile companion

By Debjit on August 18th, 2009 

Earlier we had told you about a smart tool (that comes for free) called MyMobileR which lets you control your Windows Mobile based smart phone right from your desktop or your Laptop. In this article we will tell you how you can do various things using your Windows Mobile based Smartphone and MyMobileR.

How to hide a tray icon on mobile?

You need to uncheck “Show TrayIcon” from Mobile > Popup tray menu > Uncheck "Show TrayIcon"

How to reset /change a password?

Reset password from your Desktop/Laptop: goto Popup tray menu > Select "Configure Mobile" > "Reset Password"

Reset password from your Mobile Phone: Tap on tray icon > Select "Reset Password"

Change password: For changing your password on MyMobileR, goto File > Change Password.

How to pop-up a menu on a non-touch mobile?

MyMobileR is designed to work very well with a touchscreen based device. In case you do not have one and are facing a problem while trying to pop-up a men, then we have a solution for you. All you need to do is launch MyMobileR twice. i.e. After you launch an instance of the MyMobileR program you need to launch another instance.

How to zoom-in & zoom-out [Shortcuts]?

You can zoom in by using the keyboard combination ctrl+up keys and zoom out using ctrl+down keys. You can also access step zoom levels of 50%, 100%, 200% & 300% using the keyboard combinations ctrl+0, ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3 respectively.

How to access the files of your device using a FTP client?

Yes, you can use a FTP client to access and manage the files inside your Windows Mobile device using MyMobileR. Enter the following connection details in your phone:                     Host –, Username – admin, Password – hello

How to uninstall MyMobileR?

Uninstalling MyMobileR is very simple. You just need to uncheck "Auto Connect" by going to Popup tray menu > Uncheck "Auto Connect". After which you can proceed to uninstalling from mobile by going to Popup tray menu > "Configure Mobile" > "Uninstall". Then you have to delete all files under "My Mobile" folder on your desktop. You can also manually uninstall the tool by deleting the following files on mobile: "\Windows\Remote.exe", "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\My Mobiler.lnk"


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