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How to fix corrupted Windows registry from Ubuntu partition

By Ricky on February 22nd, 2010 

The registry is one of the most important part of the Windows Operating System. Any problem with the registry can have far reaching consequences. A corrupted registry can prevent Windows from even starting up.

In this article, we will show you how you can fix a corrupted Windows registry from an Ubuntu partition.

So, if there is some problem with your Windows registry and you cannot start Windows, here is what you can do:

  • Boot into Ubuntu.
  • Once in Ubuntu, open the terminal.
  • Install NTFS-3G, with the command
sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g
  • Install NTFSProgs
sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs
  • Mount the NTFS partition:
sudo mkdir /media/windows
sudo ntfs-3g -o force,rw /dev/<device name> /media/windows
  • Now we are all set to start fiddling with the registry. But before you do that, it would be advisable to back it up with the command:
sudo cp -r /media/windows/WINDOWS/system32/config/ /home/<user>/Desktop/
  • Now copy the following files from the fileĀ /media/windows/System Volume Information/_restore{xxx}/RPxxx/snapeshot/ directory:


    to theĀ /media/windows/WINDOWS/system32/config/ dir and name them as follows:

    _REGISTRY_USER_.DEFAULT => default

  • Schedule a consistency check with the command:
sudo ntfsfix /dev/<device name>/
  • Reboot into Windows. You will get a screen telling you that you should run a filesystem consistency check. Let the check run and then the second reboot should bring you back into a bootable Windows.

[via Ubuntu Forum]


How to fix corrupted Windows registry from Ubuntu partition was originally published on on February 22, 2010 - 11:16 am (Indian Standard Time)