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iPad Accounts For 89 Percent Of Global And 97 Percent Of US Tablet Traffic Online

By Debjit on June 24th, 2011 

comScore, leader in measuring the digital world, announced the launch of Device Essentials, a service which reports traffic patterns by different types of devices across geographies. The report by Device Essentials provides an insight about the web usage from different devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets, music players, e-readers, gaming devices, and other web-enabled devices.

The Device Essentials provides reports in various dimensions and include the following :

  • Share of smartphone and feature phone usage by different OS
  • Carrier share of smartphone traffic
  • OS share of carrier traffic
  • WiFi vs. Non-WiFi traffic
  • Mobile HTML vs. standard HTML traffic by content by different devices


The reports show that iPad and its successor iPad2 account for 89 percent of tablet internet use globally, and 97 percent in the US. iPads have always commanded the tablet market. Though Android tablets are gaining popularity, the traffic share is way behind the iPads'. Below is the data provided. We can see that everywhere iPads' contribution is far more than Androids.

Smartphones and others

In the smartphone category in US, iPhones lag behind the Android platform in the traffic contribution. iPhone in US contribute to about 36 percent of web traffic while Android phones account for 54 percent. iPhone's share can be seen to be dominating in different parts of world. On an average we can say that they lead Android globally in terms of web traffic share by a significant margin. Interestingly, in other devices category, iPod also sees a major share.

Web access through WiFi

The report also shows that the iOS devices make use of WiFi more than Android devices. In the smartphone market, 47.5 percent of iPhone traffic occurred over WiFi networks compared to 21.7 percent of Android phones. In the tablets, a very high 91.percent of iPad traffic occurred over WiFi while 65.2 percent of Android tablets made use of WiFi.

For more detailed information visit the comScore report.


iPad Accounts For 89 Percent Of Global And 97 Percent Of US Tablet Traffic Online was originally published on on June 24, 2011 - 9:14 pm (Indian Standard Time)