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34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

By Debjit on July 13th, 2011 

According to a survey conducted by Retrevo, a third of the iPhone 4 owners believe that their phone supports 4G wireless technology.

When asked if they are planinng on buying a 4G phone this year, 34% of the iPhone users replied that their phone is already 4G capable. Also notable is that 24% of Blackberry users also replied that they have are already using a 4G phone. This is despite the fact that neither Apple nor RIM has released any device that supports 4G.


The iPhone 3G had ā€œ3Gā€ in the name because it supported 3G. That might have led to the iPhone users believing that the ā€œ4ā€ in iPhone 4 means 4G. But for 34% of them to have this mistaken belief just goes on to show how technology ignorant are the common people are.

I have no explanation about why the Blackberry owners might think that they their phone is 4G capable.

In the same question, 29% of Android users also replied that they already own a 4G phone. There are already 4G Android phones out there in the market, but still I think that 29% of them cannot be using 4G already.

When asked if they will buy the new iPhone if it does not have 4G, 40% of the current iPhone uses replied that they will buy it while 21% replied that they will consider buying it. This should be good news for Apple as the iPhone 5 which is expected in October is rumored to not have 4G.

When asked the same question, only 8% of Android users said they will buy the new iPhone even if it does not have 4G while 18% said they will consider it. RIM, though, is in trouble as 23% said that they will buy the new iPhone, with another 18% saying that they will consider it.


34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G was originally published on on July 13, 2011 - 8:47 pm (Indian Standard Time)