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Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post: “Light: the new look of Ubuntu”

By Ricky on March 5th, 2010 

Jono Bacon, Alan Pope, and many others have written, yesterday we published a new visual story and style for Ubuntu. The core design work was lead by Marcus Haslam, Otto Greenslade and Dominic Edmunds, who are the three visual artists leading our efforts in the Canonical Design team. Once we had the base ideas in place we invited some anchor members of the Ubuntu Art community to a design sprint, to test that the concept had the legs to work with the full range of forums, websites, derivatives and other pieces of this huge and wonderful project. And apparently, it does!

Here are some additional thoughts.

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Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post: “Light: the new look of Ubuntu” was originally published on on March 5, 2010 - 11:58 am (Indian Standard Time)