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31 Ideas for starting a Membership Website

By Debjit on December 3rd, 2017 

One of the factors that ensure a business enterprise is profitable and sustainable is the ability to generate revenues consistently. It can be really frustrating in business to hit your monthly sales targets only to find that you have to start from square one again when the next month begins.

Operating a business on such a model can not only be stressful, but also strenuous at times.

But when you begin each month having realized a substantial share of your revenue targets and the knowledge of how much income your business is likely to generate each month, it frees up some room for innovation and growth. It also creates a less hectic working environment for both you and your employees.

Membership sites are some of the best sources of recurring revenue for a business. Subscribers to membership sites not only create a steady stream of cash, but also enhance the value of the business and increase the customer’s lifetime value. If you are looking for ideas for starting a membership website for a business, here are some useful suggestions.

Getting and Recruiting Joint Venture Partners

It is a known fact that millions of people around the world have a desire to learn the strategies for creating lucrative joint venture deals, getting potential partners, and making them say yes.

It is also true that there is tons of information that you can write about the topic. You can write entire e-books on getting partners, getting into the business, building relationships, creating convincing proposals, managing partners…and so on.

Since there is a lot to write about on this topic, you can easily turn it into a membership site.

31. SEO Tips and Strategies

The other big topic is Search Engine Optimization. The fact that the rules and strategies used in SEO are constantly changing means that people are always discovering new tricks and tips.

You can choose to run either a long-term membership site or a short-term membership site. Besides offering the training, you can offer a service alongside the training that allows members who have related sites to trade links with each other.

30. Discount Membership Sites

It is a fact that people will spend money in order to save some money. Most discount stores are members only and they charge members an annual subscription fee for the right to shop at the stores at a discount.

You can start a membership site that is full of discount links and product reviews. To get the discount links, get into a joint venture with a vendor or merchant such that they agree to offer a discount for your subscribers.

In exchange, you will earn a small commission or pay buyer’s rebates from your commission checks.

29. Challenge Activities

You can start a membership site that offers 10/20/30 day challenges for different activities. Many people like challenges because they keep them engaged. For instance, you can start a 10 day blog post challenge, a 10 day video challenge, or a daily take a photo challenge.

28. Support Memberships

The other type of membership site that is lucrative is a support membership site. You can start such a site that offers additional service and product support to consumers. The best thing about offering such a service is that people will get the feeling that they have a better avenue for getting help whenever they need it.

27. Feedback and Sharing

This kind of a membership site is devoted for subscribers to share their jobs and receive feedback. The good thing with such a set up is that by sharing their work, members are forced to interact.

For instance, you can set up a site that teaches various ways of editing images for illustrated books for kids and members share their different works while offering and receiving feedback and support.

26. Curated Content

You can also start a site where members pay for nicely packaged content about a particular topic that they are really interested in. for example, you can have content on the latest social media marketing strategies or organic recipes for busy people.

25. Software-as-a-Service Membership Sites

Software-as-a-Service membership sites are highly profitable for one reason. If you can develop software that can automate and simplify a solution, it means you can get lifetime members. Members can pay for your service throughout their lifetime if your software can simplify a complicated process.

24. Flipping Websites for Profit

You can start a membership site that offers people lessons on how to find websites that are under-performing, how to spruce them so that they can start making money, and how to trade them for a profit.

You can also create a site basically around spinning domain names.

23. Weight Loss Secrets for [Men/Women/etc]

As you probably already know, the weight loss market continues to be a very lucrative one. However, you have to find a certain niche to cater for if you want a share of this pie.

For instance, you can target people who want to lose weight in order to join the military, or people who want to prevent weight gain, or new moms.

22. Motivation and Inspirational Content

There is a multitude of people who just love inspirational or motivational quotes and stories. You can start a membership site that specifically targets this niche.

The best thing about such a site is that you can create it, upload it into an auto-responder, and simply forget about it. However, you have to invest some time and resources to market it and get new members.

21. Tips for Going Green

There are millions of people who are conscious about reducing pollution and conserving resources and energy to protect the planet these days. You can start a membership site that offers people tips on how to “go green” in various aspects of their lives.

For instance, you can focus on aspects like limiting their carbon footprint, driving tips for saving gas, going green while on vacation, and so on.

20. DIY Membership Site

There are many people who just wish they could save some money by learning how to do something like changing their car oil/filters/belts, or simple troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs for household appliances and equipment. You can start a membership site that offers lessons on how to do such things for yourself at home.

19. Money Saving Tips

We already stated that if you can manage to help people save or make money, you will be in good business. That is why it makes a lot of business sense to start a membership site that offers people various tips on how to save money.

There are several niches you can choose from and the kind of lessons and content you offer will largely depend on the niche you are serving. You can offer lessons on how to save money on heating bills, gas, groceries, credit cards, saving electricity, etc.

18. Health Supplements

You can start a membership site that offers people lessons on health supplements and sells health supplements on a subscription basis. People can subscribe for a regular shipment of their favorite health supplements and vitamins without the need to go to a pharmacy.

17. Starting Business on a Budget

There are many people who wish to set up a business but think it is expensive. However, there are people looking to save some money by buying low-cost resources and tools to help them set up.

You can serve this niche by setting up a membership site that offers lessons on how to set up and run a profitable business on a shoestring budget, and provide low-cost resources and tools to help them run their business efficiently.

16. Finding Lucrative Niche Markets

If you have strengths in researching and finding lucrative niche markets, then you can be sure that you will find people who are willing to pay for such information.

It saves time for people looking for new business opportunities and if you are excellent at it, then it can be very lucrative for your subscribers.

15. Social Media marketing Content

As the internet is increasingly transforming from being an information resource to a social web, any person who clinches the social media and social networking wave stands to gain now as well as in the future.

This being the case, you can start a membership site that offers people lessons on the best strategies for using social media and social bookmarking to build back links to their websites and drive traffic.

14. Cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is one of the most lucrative industries in many parts of the world. You can start a membership site that teaches members how to use or apply different types of cosmetics.

You can also include a membership program that allows members to select a bundle of their favorite cosmetics at a certain flat rate and they will receive their monthly dose of cosmetics without the need to visit retail outlets.

13. Cooking Lessons

Many people would prefer to cook their own meals at home but they lack the knowledge and skills to do it. You can start a membership site that offers lessons on how to prepare different types of dishes. You can also include content on how different types of ingredients can be used to prepare meals.

12. To Do Fitness Activities

There are plenty of people who would like to keep fit but don’t have the time to go to the gym and they would prefer to do their daily workouts from home, but they don’t have an instructor. You can start a membership site that offers daily work out activities for several weeks, a month, or a year.

11. Relationship Advice

Many people who are in relationships often find themselves in situations that they don’t know how to handle or problems they need to fix. You can start a membership site that contains content on the common relationship problems that people face and the possible solutions.

You can even include a live video chat with an expert relationship therapist. You may target married couples or just dating couples. You can even focus on the LGBT community alone.

10. Home Décor Tips

A lot of people are very passionate about decorating their homes. You can start a membership site that offers advice, lessons and tips on decorating different parts of the home.

You could have content that describes and illustrates different designs and decorating concepts for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

9. Gardening Advice

There are plenty of people who are passionate about gardening and landscaping. You can start a membership site that offers tips on gardening. You can also include a package that gives members an opportunity to receive their monthly gardening supplies without visiting retail stores.

8. Self Improvement Advice

Many people are constantly looking for ways to improve different aspects of their lives. You can start a membership site that offers advice on how to improve different aspects of a person’s life. You can offer live video chats with expert therapists and life coaches to help members improve certain aspects of their lives.

7. Natural Remedies

Many people are always looking for ways to save money on pharmaceutical products. If you can offer such people tips on how they can use cheap home remedies to treat common health conditions or ailments and eliminate the need to buy costly drugs from the pharmacy, you can make a handsome profit.

For people who have lifetime health conditions, you can have a monthly offer for delivery of the ingredients.

6. Pet Advice

There are millions of people who own different types of pets. These people spend a lot of money on feeding, grooming and treating their pets.

You can start a membership site that offers tips on treating, feeding, training, and grooming different types of pets. You can include a package for delivery of pet treats, foods, medication, and accessories.

5. Done for You

People and businesses often need certain services periodically or on a monthly basis. For instance, there are people and businesses that require things like reports, graphics, templates, and content periodically or on a monthly basis. You can set up a membership site that offers such services.

4. Seduction Advice for Men

This is one of the trending niche topics that have earned e-book sellers lots of profits. You can start a membership site that offers seduction secrets or “pick up” lines for men who would like to get dates. You can include things like hygiene and grooming tips, fashion tips, flirting tips, boosting self-confidence, etc.

3. Fashion Tips

There are plenty of people who care a lot about fashion and like to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends. You can set up a membership site that offers tips on fashion trends, and tips on how to dress up for different occasions.

2. Secrets of Law of Attraction

Although not all people believe in the “Law of Attraction,” those who believe in it form a rather radical market. They are constantly seeking new information about attracting something that they want in life. You can focus on a specific niche if you want to get the best results.

For instance, you can focus on how it works when the person is using it consciously, or how to effortlessly attract anything you want.


Starting a membership site is a great way to star amassing recurring revenues while satisfying clients. Whether it is access to special discounts or exclusive products, or one-on-one lessons with a professional, a well thought-out subscription program can generate money and make its members feel values and special.


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