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Microsoft launches Biying – China`s Bing

By Debjit on June 13th, 2009 

Microsoft has launched a Chinese version of their Bing Search engine (read: decision engine). But Bing is not called Bing in China. Instead Microsoft has decided to name the search engine as Biying. It is available at In Mandarin (Chinese Language) bing assumes everal meanings such as sickness, mean ice, soldier or pancake. Instead Microsft has decided to call it biying which in mandarin means “must respond/answer”.


This Chinese Bing (Biying) does not have all of the handy features that are available on the U.S. version of Bing, such as the pop-up window that shows a preview of another Web site when the mouse cursor is hovered over a Web link is not available on Chinese Bing. There also have been speculations over the Bing backgrounds on the Chinese Bing which are non-contextual to China. But one thing that has been an instant hit about Biying in China is the video search, that allows videos to be played directly from within the thumbnails on the search result pages.


Microsoft launches Biying – China`s Bing was originally published on on June 13, 2009 - 8:04 pm (Indian Standard Time)