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New Ubuntu Sound Theme On Its Way

By Ricky on August 4th, 2010 

Ubuntu is getting a new sound theme - the catch is it will not make it in time Maverick.

According to a blog post from the Canonical Design team, they are looking for a new sound theme and are asking the community to submit. The submission is till October 28th. So that rules out any chance of the new sound theme making it into Maverick. Although they have not said when the new sound theme will be available, I am guessing we will see it from Ubuntu 11.04. Thats quite some time away.

In the blog post, the Canonical Design team also says that they are simplifying the sound notifications. Sounds for "buttons pressed", "service logout" etc. will not be used.

If you think you can make a good sound theme for Ubuntu, check out their blog post for the details.

I am glad that they are changing the sound theme.The current sound belongs to the "Humanity" era. New themes and look requires new sounds. :p


New Ubuntu Sound Theme On Its Way was originally published on on August 4, 2010 - 10:21 pm (Indian Standard Time)