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Next Gen Computers From Microsoft [Windows 8 Prototype Machine]

By Debjit on July 6th, 2010 

The good people at Microsoft Corp finally understand that packaging helps sell your product better, just like what Apple does. Oh chuck the AAPL-MSFT war again. It seems that Microsoft is looking to manufacture sleek and next generation computers to go along with the UI of the next version of their Windows Operating System, Windows 8. Here are pictures and detailed configuration of the next gen computers from Microsoft for Windows 8.

Windows 8 Machine Prototype

Hardware Configuration of the new Machine

The computers will have the entire functionality integrated into one unit like these iMacs, with 17" - 30" displays and DirectX Graphics Processor Units. You can see more about the configuration in this image below:

Windows 8 Machine Specifications

Here is an image to a presentation that clearly shows Microsoft has taken into consideration Apple's strategies before deciding on the designs for this new Windows 8 machine prototype.

Apple On Microsoft Plans
Apple On Microsoft Plans

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