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Norton Internet Security 2011 [Review]

By Debjit on September 27th, 2010 

Symantec has released the latest version of their flagship internet security software - Norton Internet Security 2011. The all new Norton Internet Security looks good, has a complete new and revamped interface and has new features to counter virus attacks and keep you safe on the Internet. In this article we review this latest offering from Symantec.

Norton Internet Security 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011 has the following new advanced features:

  • Reputation Based Security: Your programs are checked for their origin (i.e. when and where they were started) in order to identify and stop new malicious programs faster than ever.
  • Norton File Insight gives you detailed information about the files found on your PC including where the file came from (the website URL) and if it can be trusted.
  • Norton Download Insight: Checks every file after it is downloaded and before you run the file.
  • Norton Protection System uses several overlapping layers of protection that work together to stop viruses, spyware and other online attacks.
  • Norton Pulse Updates run in the background and provide mini updates every 5 to 15 minutes — more frequently than the nearest competitor — for the latest protection against online threats.

Norton Internet Security File Insight

Norton Internet Security 2011 is a lot faster compared to the 2010 version. It scans 61% faster than it's older versions and has the fastest installation time of just 41 seconds. Compared to Norton 2010, the new Norton had 25 percent less impact on browsing the Internet and reduced usage of system resources.

You also get some free tools with Norton 2011 which are already integrated into the software. These include Norton Safe Web Lite, a downloadable toolbar that identifies risky sites before users click on them in search results.  Norton Safe Web for Facebook, which scans current Facebook news feeds to see if they contain links that are unsafe and Norton Online Family – which helps keep kids stay safe online while encouraging open communication with their parents about their online activities.

Norton Internet Security costs Rs 2,530 for a three PC license,  and Rs 1,220 for a single PC license. However watch out for our Free Norton Internet Security Giveaway where we plan to give one box pack of Norton 2011 each  to 2 of our lucky readers all for free!


Norton Internet Security 2011 [Review] was originally published on on September 27, 2010 - 9:34 am (Indian Standard Time)