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NVIDIA announces newer and faster GPUs for Laptops

By Debjit on September 17th, 2009 

At this year's CeBit Trade Show , which is going on in Germany, Nvidia announced that they will soon be launching the mobile versions of the GTX series, their fastest GPUs till date. The line up includes GTX 280M, GTX 260M, GTS 160M and GTS 150M. Once made available, these GPUs will undoubtedly provide the fastest GPU solution possible on the mobile platform. GeForce_gtx_280m_3qtr_low Nvidia_GeForce_logo_01 GeForce_gts_160m_3qtr_low

Coming to the specifications, the GTX 280M will be featuring full 128 shaders cores, which is followed by GTX 260M's 112 and the GTS 160M's 64. All of them will be featuring 256-bit memory interfaces and up to 1GB of frame buffers support will be available.These new series of mobile GPUs will be utilizing a refined 55nm variant of NVIDIA's existing G92 graphics core optimized for lower power consumption. According to  NVIDIA, these next-generation GPUs will provide up to 50 % higher performance than the previous generation of mobile processor. Beside support for SLi mode  these GPUs will also provide support for both PhysX and CUDA technologies.

All of this translates to even more desktop like performance on a laptop. The GTX series will be targeting the extreme performance gaming laptops with usually 17”+ screen size while GTS series target audience will be comprised of general mainstream and affordable laptops with smaller screen sizes.

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NVIDIA announces newer and faster GPUs for Laptops was originally published on on March 4, 2009 - 1:17 am (Indian Standard Time)