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Official Wallpapers for Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

By Debjit on September 20th, 2009 

Dell-Inspiron-6400Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook has been one of the most sturdy laptops that Dell has released till date. It’s  manly look and silver – white finish is really adorable. This is the same laptop on which Dell packed some of it’s best wallpapers. We are sharing those wallpapers here. In case you may have misplaced the wallpapers you can take them from here.

Click on the corresponding wallpaper to download it:

Dell 1280x1024 dellwallpapermr2fj8

Dell1600x1200 delldg11280

Wallpaper In Post – Top Picture Courtesy:


Official Wallpapers for Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop was originally published on on September 20, 2009 - 9:11 am (Indian Standard Time)