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Opera 10 – Finally a browser for linux that is NOT sluggish

By Debjit on September 3rd, 2009 

opera-10Well, many of us have already faced this problem of browsers acting sluggish and heavy on Linux over time. And then there is the famous memory leak problem with Firefox browser on linux. But with the new Opera 10, things have definitely changed a lot. "Sluggish" is a word not to be found in the Opera dictionary. 

Opera 10 features various new enhancements that make your browsing experience much better on Linux. Opera has an enhanced javascript feature called Browser JavaScript. Now many websites have javascripts that is run by your browser and there is a possibility that the scripts might be heavily resource hungry. Now this new Browser Javascript feature allows Opera to automatically fix incompatible Web pages, outdated and resource consuming scripts and pages that tend to block Opera. This to a great extent helps opera to be not sluggish on Linux.

Opera 10 also has the Turbo technology which is very useful to users on a low speed internet connection. On enabling this feature, Opera gives up to eight times faster Web surfing over slow connections than other browsers. You might like to read this article on how to enable Turbo for Opera.

Thanks to Opera, the browsers on Linux are now very light, slug free and completely low on your system resources immaterial of the fact how how many javascript intensive websites you open.

PS: Opera 10 is available for almost all Operating Systems out there!


Opera 10 – Finally a browser for linux that is NOT sluggish was originally published on on September 3, 2009 - 12:00 am (Indian Standard Time)