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Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work Website

By Ricky on July 21st, 2010 

Looks like Playboy is not satisfied with people visiting their website just from their homes. Apparently they want people to visit their website from work too. So they have a launched a new safe-for-work site, which will contain no nudity. The site, called TheSmokingJacket, is named after Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's favorite pieces of clothing.

According to Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy's editorial director:

A lot of our audience logs on (to after work and we saw that we were missing a golden opportunity to reach guys when they're online the most: when they're sitting at their desk, not working, sending e-mails to their friends.

Lead producer of the site Matt Gibbs said that TheSmokingJacket is "the go-to site for those who are bored at work".

Since the word "playboy" leads to a website being blocked by many firewalls, there is no mention of the word anywhere in TheSmokingJacket. The only indication that it comes from Playboy is the logo.

[cource: CNET News]


Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work Website was originally published on on July 21, 2010 - 11:48 pm (Indian Standard Time)