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Red Hat Launches CloudForms And OpenShift Platforms

By Debjit on May 8th, 2011 

Cloud computing has let many companies to put their faith in because of its tremendous features .These companies are employing new idea, developing new technologies for better delivery. Red Hat, at Wednesday's Red Hat Summit in Boston, also announced about new developments that it has incorporated in terms of cloud. The open source giant has unveiled two platforms – CloudForms and OpenShift. While CloudForms, which is in its beta stage, focuses on deploying IAAS, OpenShift caters PAAS. Below is provided an insight of the both platforms.


  • For creating Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) private and hybrid clouds and managing multi-tier applications across multiple clouds, virtualization platforms and heterogeneous physical servers.
  • It will provide features as - automation and self-service that deliver the elasticity and flexibility of cloud computing.
  • It supports Amazon, IBM and NTT Communications clouds along with Red Hat and VMware virtualization.
  • It is aimed to provide fast response to business, eliminate complexities, and deliver a high performance.


  • Unlike CloudForms, OpenShift is not all open source – not yet at least and its development can be traced back to Red Hats’ Makara acquisition.
  • It’s an online-only Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) offering that lets developers build and host applications on Red Hat.
  • In its components for developers to deploy their applications rapidly are : Power, which deploys applications to the cloud that are written to Linux, and Express and Flex which can only deploy applications written to web languages as Ruby, Python etc.

Red Hat claims that both of these platforms redefine the cloud services and have some added features which will surely influence the cloud environment.

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