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RPM version of`s scrobbler client (for RedHat/Fedora/SuSE/Mandriva)

By Debjit on July 12th, 2009 

Last.FM has become a phenomena! And there would be very less people who would deny this. I myself is a fanatic, helps me stay up-to-date with current music trends and latest music from all over the world. Well, music podcasting ( for all budding bath singers 😉 ) is another thing that can be done on Last.FM. Well, coming to the point of this post, the website doesn`t have a RPM version of their audio-scrobbler client. Which, kind of took me by surpirse, provided that RPM based distros are more in use 🙂 (Well am a Debian fanatic too). But the goodfellas at hav included the source for their client though.

So I just compiled from the source and built an RPM package out of it. You can download it from here. I have tested this on RHEL 5, Fedora 9 and OpenSUSE 10.2, and it worked fine, out-of-the-box on all (Dont` worry the link for the download is from my googlepages home). You can visit my page here

Quicklinks: Last.FM AudioScrobbler Client (RPM)


RPM version of`s scrobbler client (for RedHat/Fedora/SuSE/Mandriva) was originally published on on July 1, 2009 - 2:55 am (Indian Standard Time)