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Silverlight 5 Beta Launched – Downloads & Features

By Debjit on May 17th, 2011 

Silverlight 5 LogoGood news for all Silverlight and Visual developers. Silverlight 5 Beta is here and it brings with it a whole new set of features and rich customizations. For those who are still unaware of Silverlight, it is Microsoft's equivalent of Adobe Flash. If you are a developer and really excited to check out the all new Silverlight 5, then all you will be needing is the Visual Studio 2010 (SP1) and the Silverlight 5 tools.

Silverlight 5 has a lot of new features which can help developers create engaging content. Here are a few of those features:

  • Double and Multi click support
  • XAML debugging
  • improved media support and rich UI capabilities
  • Networking and WCF enhancements
  • Low latency sound effects and support for WAV
  • New RichTextBoxOverflow element
  • New 3D Graphics API that lets you create cool 3D applications

Download Silverlight 5 Beta now → or check other important Silverlight 5 Beta related downloads.


Silverlight 5 Beta Launched – Downloads & Features was originally published on on May 17, 2011 - 10:05 am (Indian Standard Time)