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Solar Powered Mobile Phones Launched In India By Vodafone

By Debjit on July 29th, 2010 

Rural India does not have high availability of many basic amenities and one of them is electricity. In such areas even mobile phone charging is a business, so just imagine the condition of these areas. But now it looks like things are going to change for good with telecom major Vodafone Essar launching its latest generation eco-friendly solar charging handset in India.

The new handset uses a solar powered solution to benefit users in areas with adequate sunlight and is priced at Rs. 1300 approx ($32). Given the fact that Vodafone's rural network coverage of 65 per cent is the second highest in India, the launch of a solar charging handset will definitely make up for the unavailability of electricity in the rural areas of the country, making it really easy to charge mobile handsets.

Vodafone's press release about the new solar powered Mobile phone:

The launch of VF 247 solar powered phone is in keeping with Vodafone's aim to increase mobile technology accessibility for millions in India. With an extended solar powered battery, the solar powered phone addresses the problem of unstable electricity supply in many rural areas. VF 247 solar powered phone charges by itself, by exposure to ambient light. Sun Boost, the special in-built hardware and software ensures that the phone charges also in a room, under normal daylight.

via IBTimes


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