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Start a URL Shortening service and earn in millions

By Debjit on September 7th, 2009 

A short URL link to a page  on the web is definitely easier to share with people rather than very long URLs. For eg., The URL to our Netbook Buying Guide is but the same article can also be accessed using the short URL – and this short URL is definitely easier to share with others. This is what URL Shortening services do. You give them a URL they give you a much shorter and stripped down URL.


Techcrunch has released some interesting statistics about URL Shortening services like, and, with Tinyurl holding 3/4ths of the market share of URL shortening services. According to some math by Techcrunch, has a $8 million pre-money valuation ($10 million post-money). Its market share of shortened links, as calculated by Tweetmeme, is only 13 percent. And by the same math, Tinyurl’s valuation was found out to be at least $46 million. So it is high time you start your own URL shortening service and see yourself earning millions in no time. via [Techcrunch]

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