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Make your products reach out to blind customers -Use Braille stickers

By Debjit on September 7th, 2009 

If you are a budding business and want your products to catch the eyes of more and more customers, what you do is spend on Ads, create awesome looking designs for your product wrappers and give away offers. All this is good only for the customers who do not have any problems with their vision. But for customers who are blind, you should really think about giving some edge to your products over others’ by including some Braille text on your products.


The most simple way of doing this, without any major investment is to use something which the blind people can read easily – what we are talking about is Braille – and the businesses can use Braille stickers – get them printed and paste them around their products, so that customers who are blind can very well find out on their own so as to what product have they picked up also get to know about it’s details. Yanko Design has released an innovative Braille sticker printer which can make your work easier by printing the stickers with Braille text in no time. Check the printer design below.


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Make your products reach out to blind customers -Use Braille stickers was originally published on on March 31, 2009 - 2:38 pm (Indian Standard Time)