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Mob eCommerce Makes Going Mobile Easy For Online Stores

Mob eCommerce app at action on Android

E-commerce portals are looking to go online by launching apps for their online stores, and every internet retailer wants a presence in a user’s smartphone. A new start-up called Mob eCommerce, launched in November 2011 can help companies go mobile with its unique service. With Mob eCommerce solutions, online shopping carts developed on Magento, Virtuemart,…

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By Debjit

Lingibli Makes Learning New Languages Easy

Lingibli Mobile App - learn new languages while on the move

Now, one can learn the most basic sentences, phrases and words of a new language with Literally, Lingibli is the little green guy you see on the homepage of the website, and this character represents the website’s tool for learning different languages quickly and easily. With the website’s learning methods, you can pick up…

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By Debjit

Starbucks Mobile App Scores Big – 26 Million Mobile Payments In One Year

Download Startbucks Mobile App

If you thought coffee was all that there is to Starbucks, you’re probably wrong. With a number of mobile initiatives being brought out by the company, its name stands for much beyond espressos and lattes. Starbucks has been looking to carve out an identity in the area of digital innovation, and has done well so…

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By Debjit

“Slide to Unlock” Your Phone Is Now An Apple Property

Apple Slide to Unlock

“Slide to Unlock” your phone is now a very common functionality now available on almost all touch screen based smart phones out there. But, this technology was initially pioneered by Apple and first introduced in the iPhone way back in 2007. Apple applied for a patent for the same even earlier in December 2005 and…

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By Debjit

Canonical Launches Ubuntu One Music Streaming App For iPhone & iPod

For the ones who are not familiar with Ubuntu One, it is a web based storage services from Canonical just the same as Dropbox. A basic account of Ubuntu One offers you upto 5GB of storage space unlike DropBox which offers only 2GB and talking about popularity of the Ubuntu One service, we have already…

 App-A-Day   Apple   iOS  

By Debjit

Bing Gets Metro UI Like HTML5 Live Tiles & Ads In Organic Results

Metro UI style LIVE Tiles on Bing Search home page

Microsoft is testing Metro UI like Live information Tiles (built using HTML 5) on Bing’s homepage and Text Ads In between organic search results in Bing’s search results pages.

 Microsoft   News   Web  

By Debjit

Google+ iPhone App Goes Live, Becomes The Top Free App In The Apple App Store

Google+ iPhone App Goes Live, Becomes The Top Free App In The Apple App Store

The much awaited Google+ app for the iPhone is now live in the App Store. In less than 24 hours of being live, the Google+ iPhone app has reached number one position in the free app category in the Apple app store.

 Google   Mobile   News   Social Media  

By Nihal

34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

34% Of iPhone Users Think They Already Have 4G

According to a survey conducted by Retrevo, a third of the iPhone 4 owners believe that their phone supports 4G wireless technology.

 Apple   Gadgets   News  

By Adam

Bing Now Shows Related iPhone Apps Within Search Results

Bing Now Shows Related iPhone Apps Within Search Results

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Bing Search which makes it very easy to find out about new, useful and relevant iPhone apps right within Bing search results.

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

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