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10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 2

By Debjit on June 2nd, 2012 

We have already told you about the benefits of Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone in our last post and also shared 5 apps that would convince you to jailbreak your iPhone. Here are 5 more apps in the same list:

6. NoNewsIsGoodNews

I know this app has a large name. But then, what’s in a name? The app removes Newsstand in your iPhone device. Newsstand otherwise, cannot be put in a folder or moved elsewhere from the home screen. Thus, after using NoNewsIsGoodNews, you can hide (get rid of) the Newsstand from the home screen and use up the space for something else that might be more important.

7. Spire

You can call Spire as a working port of the Siri voice assistant. It legally brings Siri to non-iPhone 4S devices. Although it provides excellent service, it may not provide adequate security options for your emails and other data.

8. ContactPrivacy

As the name suggests, ContactPrivacy app protects your iPhone contact data. The app sends you a notification every time a third-party app tries to access your contact database without your permission. You can then either allow or deny the activity.

9. DataMonitor

DataMonitor is an app that monitors data usage on your iPhone devices. It is especially beneficial for the 3G based devices as it will help you keep your data usage within limits and not exceeding the. Also, it can tell Wi-Fi data apart from 3G/4G data.

10. TruPrint

TruPrint is a printing app. It uses the in-built printing features of your iPhone and extends it to the printers that are available in your network. This comes as a huge relief for those who do not have AirPrint printers with them. Use it to take out fairly okay prints on any local printer in your network.

I am sure that after going through the list, even you would want a Jailbroken iPhone device to make the most of these apps.

This post has been written by Alicia Carter, who is a proud member of custom iPhone application development team at PerceptiveMobileApps. A movie buff, she never misses the latest releases. She also likes to write on various topics that interest her, and share them on various guest blogging sites.


10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 2 was originally published on on June 2, 2012 - 1:51 pm (Indian Standard Time)