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How To Set-Up Data Security For Employees Who Bring Their Personal Phones & Laptop To Work

Workplace Security

The modern workplace looks nothing like the traditional setting that was commonplace only decades ago. Today, many office desks are littered with smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other high tech gadgets. While these devices can aid the work process by streamlining communications and allowing for on the go computing, they can also serve as powerful distractions….

 How-To   Security  

By Debjit

Top 2 Online SMS Marketing Tools

Sendhub App in iPhone

In countries where Mobile users have surpassed desktop users by leaps and bounds, mobile marketing definitely makes sense to have in a company’s marketing strategies. Well, for the newbies, mobile marketing is nothing but a mode of marketing a company’s products where brands make use of SMS / Text messages in order to create product…

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By Zenobia

Top 10 Business Travel Mobile Apps (Android / iPhone iOS)

Are you searching for the top business apps available to download? The apps mentioned below can help boost productivity, save time and ensure you at least begin a stress free journey. Smartphones have definitely made it easier for business travellers to organise themselves. So just what are the top apps you should be investing in?…

 Android   iOS   Lists  

By Guest Author

6 Greatest Upcoming Games for the iPhone 5 in 2013

Real Racing iPhone iPad game app

Will 2013 turn out to be as interesting and fun as the 2012 was for iOS gaming fans? Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies, Super Hexagon and Walking Mars all proved to be challenging and addictive. The iOS games this year will be developed to take advantage of the new graphics and speeds of the iPad,…

 Gaming   Lists  

By Guest Author

6 Ways You Can Control Your Home with Video Conferencing in iPhone, iPad and Android

There are a lot of things that you can control from the convenience of your Smartphone. It has become quite the complex gadget. There is not a whole lot in and around your household that you are not able to control directly from your handheld device. There is no reason that you will have to…

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By Guest Author

Does Your Smart Phone’s OS Fit Your Personality?

Apple Logo

Find out if your phone’s OS fits your personality and discover the things different platform users say about each other.


By Adam

10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 2

We have already told you about the benefits of Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone in our last post and also shared 5 apps that would convince you to jailbreak your iPhone. Here are 5 more apps in the same list: 6. NoNewsIsGoodNews I know this app has a large name. But then, what’s in a name?…

 iOS   Lists  

By Guest Author

10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 1

Jailbreaking an iPhone (or any other Apple device) has its own benefits. It lets you explore the full-fledged potential of your iPhone (explore the features which you never thought existed on your device). By breaking free of the limitations imposed by Apple via Jailbreaking, you can enjoy many third-party apps (unavailable on iTunes) that too…

 iOS   Lists  

By Guest Author

PaperKarma Helps You Get Rid Of Paper Junk Mail – The Green Way

Download PaperKarma app

Imagine if all the paper junk mail in your mailbox could be eliminated with the simple click of a button. That’s exactly what a new app from Readabl, Inc called PaperKarma does. It is a boon for businesses looking to cut down on paper advertising expenditure, the average consumer who hates the trash and also…

 Android   iOS   Reviews  

By Debjit

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