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PaperKarma Helps You Get Rid Of Paper Junk Mail – The Green Way

By Debjit on February 15th, 2012 

Imagine if all the paper junk mail in your mailbox could be eliminated with the simple click of a button. That’s exactly what a new app from Readabl, Inc called PaperKarma does. It is a boon for businesses looking to cut down on paper advertising expenditure, the average consumer who hates the trash and also for the earth. Started by two people in Seattle who detested useless paper mail, PaperKarma also has the goal of helping people control their mailbox and what goes into it.

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PaperKarma is an easy to download app currently available on the Apple App Store, Android Market and for Windows Phone. All one needs to is click a picture. Yes, it is that simple. For one, the app uses technology to save trees and the environment, for another, it does it intelligently. The user clicks a picture of the mail item he does not wish to receive in future, be it magazines, credit card offerings or even flyers, and the app processes the image and sends a mail to the company in question.

PaperKarma developers work closely with the sources of this junk mail to help you unsubscribe to all of it which is unwanted.

Furthermore, PaperKarma also has the option of letting you choose if you want the mail in electronic form, a step which could save upto 100 billion pieces of paper mail in the US alone, and saving considerable environmental damage. All the app does is creates a compromise between consumers and marketers. And it turns out to be a fruitful compromise too, since consumers receive mail which they want, and marketers pay for exactly that.

The app sends a notification within 24 hours to the users’ phones telling them that they have been unsubscribed. It also allows users to check the status and progress of their unsubscribe requests. The idea behind PaperKarma is so unique and representing the need of the hour, consumers and companies both will love it. To download the app, logon to


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