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10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 1

By Debjit on June 2nd, 2012 

Jailbreaking an iPhone (or any other Apple device) has its own benefits. It lets you explore the full-fledged potential of your iPhone (explore the features which you never thought existed on your device). By breaking free of the limitations imposed by Apple via Jailbreaking, you can enjoy many third-party apps (unavailable on iTunes) that too free of cost, tweak the OS and do much more.

Given below are ten such apps that would make you want to jailbreak your iPhones. Take a look.

1. VLC media player

VLC media player is a multi-platform, open source media player that can play a lot of audio/video file formats. It is now tweaked to run on iOS based devices like iPhone. This is because the videos feature on iOS platform, are in two formats .mp4 or .mp4v. With a Jailbroken iPhone, you can use VLC media player app to play most kind of file formats on your device.

2. EZDecline

EZDecline is an app that helps you easily accept or reject calls right from your home or lock screen. It adds “Decline” or “Answer” buttons so that you can decline the call right away without searching frantically for the decline button on your device.

3. SBSettings

SBSettings brings together toggle buttons that you need to use on a daily basis, on one place. It adapts your lock screen and notification center from where it becomes easy to toggle between various settings instead of searching the menus. With this app you can do a whole lot of things like toggling between network settings or screen adjustments or data usage etc. Those who are very particular about the settings in their iPhone devices can tremendously benefit from this app.

4. IntelliScreenX

I personally prefer IntelliScreenX over the notification center provided by iOS 5. The app comes with a free trial and lets you see the latest updates at one glance right from your lock screen. It adds many things that the notification center does not such as - emails, Facebook, calls, tweets etc. You can customize it to get stock quotes, RSS feeds, weather and others to make the most of your lock screen.

5. SMSmileys

The SMSmileys app brings some fun to your device. It is not that significant a feature, but you can still give it a go. The app replaces text based / ASCII emoticons (smileys) with the actual emoticons. It saves you the hassle of painstakingly selecting emoticons every time while typing a text message or carrying out similar tasks.

Continue reading about the remaining set of 5 apps in our next post.

This post has been written by Alicia Carter, who is a proud member of custom iPhone application development team at PerceptiveMobileApps. A movie buff, she never misses the latest releases. She also likes to write on various topics that interest her, and share them on various guest blogging sites.


10 Apps That Would Make You Want A Jailbroken iPhone – Part 1 was originally published on on June 2, 2012 - 1:51 pm (Indian Standard Time)