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Surge in Business Apps – Entrepreneurs & App Developers Go The B2B Way

By Debjit on January 18th, 2012 

App developers and those looking to start a business are always wondering what they must focus on and there lies not one definitive answer. Some like Steve Poland would tell you to focus on the problems and start with a space you know. Others might suggest an alternative approach involving doing not only a market analysis to see what is working or not working, but also find out the categories which are saturated. Shifting from the popular categories, it is also possible to get involved in other ones.

148Apps’ analysis of the number of iOS apps in each category in the Apple App Store yielded some significant but predictable results. The Games, Books and Entertainment categories were the dominant ones, with thousands of apps available. The reason behind Games leading could be because developers operate on demand and supply accordingly, creating games because it’s easy and also because the demand is always high. However, we need to keep in mind that this 148Apps’ analysis relies on collective data since the App Store’s inception, and since 2008 there have been changes in what’s popular.

Yet another startup called BetaBait which connect startups with professional beta testers who can get their products or apps in good shape. These beta testers are important for the app developers as well as founders since they help them sort out the kinks and bugs in their products and also promote them. BetaBait recently submitted data on the kind of apps that are coming to them for testing. Although the sample size is a mere 255 apps that have come to BetaBait, the results have been surprising enough.

Contrary to what 148Apps’ figures show, BetaBait’s data reveals that social networking apps are the most submitted type. This is a surprising statistic since people claim they don’t really want any more social networks. Along with Social, the Lifestyle and Entertainment apps are at the top, like in the App Store. What is intriguing is the second most popular category – that of Business apps, which says Cody Barbierri, co-founder of BetaBait, also receive the most clicks from beta testers. The top 15 apps by clicks are all business oriented apps too.

This trend could perhaps signify that newer startups are now looking to explore B2B, and stay away from the popular apps in the market due to saturation. Being a startup company big among small businesses is increasingly drawing more and more entrepreneurs. The thing about SMBs and startups is that they are an open minded customer base for apps that don’t charge too much. Besides this, B2B apps also do not require too much polish, as long as they’re workable and increase a startup’s efficiency.

Invariably, app developers and founders are increasingly investing in helping startups save time and money and getting a good customer base and revenue out of it.


Surge in Business Apps – Entrepreneurs & App Developers Go The B2B Way was originally published on on January 18, 2012 - 1:46 am (Indian Standard Time)