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Learn How To Remain Secure On-Line

Learn How To Remain Secure On-Line

Security has always been a persistent issue on internet. In this article, we will cover such security issues, what actually may cause them and suggest ways around such issues.

 General   Security   Tips & Tricks  

By Nihal

Google Chrome Hacked [Video]

When we talk about web browser security, we usually consider Google Chrome, with its advanced sandboxing, as one of the most secure browsers. Chrome has earned that reputation by being un-hackable for three years in the Pwn2Own contest. Today VUPEN Security has come up with a “reliable way to execute arbitrary code on any installation…

 Google   News   Security   Windows  

By Ricky

Twitter Revamps Security With “Always use HTTPS” Setting

With social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.) becoming very important for a lot of people, the security of these services has also become very important. Recently we have seen applications, like Firesheep, which can steal other’s credential when using Facebook, Twitter etc. over unsecure networks like WiFi. Facebook recently revamped its security by allowing users…

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By Ricky

How Google Responded To The DroidDream Malware

  A couple of days ago, a Redditor lompolo, uncovered something very weird in the Android Market. lompolo discovered that someone has ripped 21 free apps from the market, injected them with malicious codes and uploaded them to the Market again. The malware used a known exploit to root the devices on which the Apps…

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By Ricky

Google Deletes 21 Malware Apps From Android Market

Android Malware

No doubt Android is gradually becoming one of the most widely used Smartphone operating systems. And given the free nature of Android’s usage policies, more and more Mobile device companies are taking to Android each day. Oh, please forget Nokia for a while. However the problem with Android’s open unmoderated ecosystem is that devices running…

 Android   Google   News   Security  

By Debjit

Microsoft Kills Windows Autorun On Win 2K, Vista & XP

Microsoft has finally taken a huge step forward in order to put a check on Malicious tools which have actively used the Autorun facility to manifest themselves on the computers of millions of users. Most viruses create an Autorun.inf file in removable media ( CD – ROM / USB Drives ) in order to spread…

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By Debjit

Google Testing Encrypted Search In Chrome

It looks like Google is testing a new encrypted search in Google Chrome. Instead of the regular which is used for search, many users of Google Chrome are reportedly being redirected to Encrypted search provides end-to-end encryption between the user’s computer and Google when they search for something. This will prevents a third…

 Google   News   Security  

By Ricky

Facebook Launches Social Login & HTTPS To Protect Your Privacy

Facebook Launches Social Login & HTTPS To Protect Your Privacy

There has been much fuss over security during the last few days at Facebook. First there were reports about Facebook getting hacked in Tunisia. And then another report came up about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page getting hacked. And to top all this, another supposed XSS hack plagued Facebook wherein a lot of users…

 Facebook   News   Social Media  

By Debjit

Hackers Find A New Way To Control Stock Markets

Hackers Find A New Way To Control Stock Markets

Hackers can inject tiny amounts of latency into networks used at Stock Markets which can result in delaying transactions and change the course of trading in the markets. This way they can control the variations in the stock markets as they wish and earn profits in millions of dollars in a few seconds.

 Digitizor   Hacks   News   Security  

By Debjit

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