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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) falls prey to hackers!

By Debjit on February 9th, 2010 

Update: is now up and running 🙂

The official website of  Tata Consultancy Services - has been hacked by possibly a french hacker and a "domain for sale" notice has been put up! This attack does not seem to be a website hack as none of the webpages that were earlier indexed on search engines are opening. It could be a DNS Hijack as suggested by a look at the source code of the defaced web page where the nameservers of might have been changed to something else.

Update: Probable details of the DNS hijacker.

TCS Website Hacked

The image "For Sale" on the defaced homepage is hosted at which may lead security experts to some clue regarding the origin of the hack. TCS produces software that ranges from multi utility to security and this is really a shameful thing as it has lifted the cover off the country's biggest IT company's web security measures. In a DNS hijack the domain owner does not have any control over things. This hack /redirection  is in no control of  TCS as far as we feel. Unless and until we have any official release from TCS nothing can be said about what exactly led to the hack and who might be held responsible.

defaced page source code

Source Code of the defaced web-page at


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