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The definitive 'Plymouth' Guide for Fedora 10

By Debjit on July 26th, 2009 

Plymouth is the new Graphical Boot system of Fedora 10 which replaces the old RHGB boot system. If you have already installed Fedora 10 and are able to see a blue-white bar at the bottom of your monitor/screen while Fedora 10 loads, then Plymouth is actually solar-plymouth-screenenabled on your system. You are unable to see any eye-candy as your screen`s display is not yet optimised (read: kernel modsetted) for that.

What is required for Plymouth to work?

Plymouth requires kernel modesetting (KMS) to work properly. KMS is supported on most ATI Radeon chips and Intel KMS support is in development. For all other graphics cards, the text plugin is used. So, If you see only a blue-white scrolling bar when booting into Fedora you could force start the graphics boot mode without using KMS support.What you will be needing here is your grub.conf file. Read on...

Installing New Plymouth Themes

Fedora packs the Solar and the Text (Blue White) themes by default. You could install more plugins by issuing this command as root:

sudo yum -y install plymouth-plugin-fade-in plymouth-plugin-pulser plymouth-plugin-spinfinity

Setting Up a Plymouth theme to boot

Issue this command as root, and replace pluginname by solar or pulser or spinfinity or fade-in. We would recommend Solar theme as it brings out the Fedora 10 spirit in true sense - Fire it up! (See the screenshot above)

sudo plymouth-set-default-plugin pluginname /usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-update-initrd

Fixing the Graphical Boot Problem

Now you need to edit your grub.conf file which is located in the /boot/ or the /boot/grub/ folders.

sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.conf

Now you need to add your frame buffer resolution at the end of line that specifies your kernel. For example if your frame buffer resolution is x then add vga=0x318 at the end of the line which specifies the kernel. If this value of vga doesn't work then try appending the value vga=792 at the end of this kernel line insted of the 0x318 value. Check the screenshot below:


You`re now almost done, just Reboot!


The definitive 'Plymouth' Guide for Fedora 10 was originally published on on February 3, 2009 - 2:16 pm (Indian Standard Time)