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The Most Cost-Effective Way for Businesses to Communicate

By Debjit on February 1st, 2014 

It takes a lot for a business to succeed in the competitive market that exists today. Things can’t stay the same for long and must continually evolve if businesses even hope to keep their heads above water. The old ways of doing things are no longer efficient and must give way to the new.

This is especially true when it comes to the field of communication. 25 years ago, businesses did most of their communication via the telephone and by personal visits with employees and clients. Especially within the last 15 years, email has become a major staple of communication alongside the telephone.

Email offered benefits that you couldn’t get with a phone call and changed the way businesses communicate with each other. Things are changing again in the realm of communication, but this time it is due to business video conferencing, and it’s only going to become more important as the future arrives.

The Way of the Past

Alexander Graham Bell did the world a great favour when he helped to invent the telephone. With the telephone, people could talk to other people wherever they were; they didn’t have to be in the next room to get a message across. While I’m not minimizing its importance in history, the telephone only allows you to hear someone’s voice.

It doesn’t allow you to see the person you’re talking to. When you only communicate audibly, it is easy to miscommunicate. And in the business world, miscommunications can often spell disaster. Again, with email, you can see a person’s words in front of you on a screen, but you can’t actually visualize the person as they’re saying them.

You can’t see their tone of voice; you can only imagine it, and it’s often easy to get the wrong message. Getting the wrong message might just be worse than not communicating at all.

The Direction of the Future

Business video conferencing offers companies the ability to hear and see the whole message. Gone are the days of everyone sitting around the speakerphone on top of the table. Business video conferencing is a secure way to communicate with employees and clients all over the world and drastically reduces the miscommunication rate that exists with phone calls and emails. It’s also a great time saver.

Some Highlights of Using Video Conferencing in Business

There are many benefits, and the next few paragraphs will briefly address a few of them.

Less Travel

With the always increasing gas and airfare costs, it is more expensive than ever to travel. Traveling is a great way for a business to eat up any extra profits they may have otherwise had. But with business video conferencing, businesses no longer have to travel to have important business meetings.

They can have the meeting from the comfort of their office or even their home. When money is saved on travel, it can be spent (or saved) elsewhere for another purpose.

Also, video conferencing isn’t delayed by things like weather or traffic.

Make Sure You Get Your Message Across

Let’s just face it; it’s so much easier to communicate face to face than it is over the phone or through email. It’s far simpler to get a message across when you can see the body language and facial expressions of the person(s) you’re speaking with.

Have you ever tried to give a sales pitch or demonstration over the phone or through an email? It’s next to impossible to do successfully. However, when you use video conferencing, it is so effortless it’s almost hard to believe. When you can see the faces you’re speaking to, it helps you get your message across that much clearer.

Quick Communication

Business video conferencing allows you the possibility of quickly and effortlessly connecting with a large number of employees and clients and allowing you to get your message across once.

In a world where every second counts, the ability to quickly communicate with your workforce is vital. Sometime, phone calls are slow to be returned and emails are slow to be answered. This isn’t a problem with a video conference.

Make the Right Decision

Business video conferencing is changing the way businesses do business. It is making it easier than ever to communicate effectively with employees, business partners, and clients. It saves businesses travel costs, helps them to get their message across so much more effectively, and lets them communicate quickly and effortlessly. If a business can’t communicate effectively, it can’t succeed in today’s world. It is now more important than ever to get with the times.


The Most Cost-Effective Way for Businesses to Communicate was originally published on on December 11, 2013 - 12:04 pm (Indian Standard Time)