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Thunar gets native support for remote filesystem

By Ricky on January 10th, 2010 

Thunar, the default filemanager used in Xfce, now supports remote filesystem with its new release, Thunar 1.1.0. This means that Thunar users will now be able to access remote filesystems, like SFTP shares, FTP shares and Samba Shares, from within Thunar itself.

In the earlier versions, users have to use the FUSE filesystem or use another application to access remote filesystems. While it is true that both Gnome and KDE SC has had this feature for sometime with its filemanagers, this represents a significant step for Xfce as it is a much smaller project compared to Gnome and KDE.

There will also be a maintenance release of Thunar, for people who prefer Thunar to stay as simple as it currently is. This will have all the improvements from the 1.1.0 release except the remote filesystem support as it will be using the previous Thunar backend.


Thunar gets native support for remote filesystem was originally published on on January 10, 2010 - 1:54 pm (Indian Standard Time)