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Wayland May Be Included In Fedora As Early As Fedora 15

By Ricky on November 12th, 2010 

WaylandDisplayServer_Logo Last week Mark Shuttleworth announced plans for Ubuntu to move away from X towards Wayland. Granted it is a long a time away, but a lot of people commended Canonical for such an important decision, which can potentially take desktop Linux to the next level (graphics wise).

Well here is more good news, from Red Hat this time. In a post in the Fedora mailing list, Adam Jackson of Red Hat, has said that Fedora will eventually switch to Wayland. Like Shuttleworth, he also said that Wayland is not stable enough and did not put an exact time frame. However, he said that Wayland might be packaged in Fedora 15 – for developers to play around with it.

This is what Jackson wrote:

Wayland's not a usable default yet. It'll probably be packaged in F15 as something you can play with. We don't even have a complete list of transition criteria yet, let alone a timeframe for switching the default. But it's likely to happen eventually because it's a serious win for a lot of things, and the downsides are pretty negligible despite the fear from the peanut gallery.

[source: Fedora Mailing List via: Phoronix]


Wayland May Be Included In Fedora As Early As Fedora 15 was originally published on on November 12, 2010 - 2:18 pm (Indian Standard Time)