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Weekly Roundup [Month 1, Week 4, 2010]

By Ricky on January 31st, 2010 

This week there has been a lot of big news - from Apple's iPad launch and subsequent trademark disputes to Google officially ending support of the Internet Explorer 6. Here we have compiled together the top news of the week in case you have missed any.

1. The Apple tablet, iPad

After much speculation and hyper, Apple's tablet device, the iPad was finally launched. Although it was touted as a revolutionary device, it let down a lot of people. Just after the launch, the iPad ran into trouble with a Swiss company claiming the "iPad" trademark. Another company, Fujitsu, also challeneged the "iPad" trademark because they already have a device called iPad. Although the iPad cannot handle multiple applications at the same time, a company called Citrix Systems claims that they can overcome this by bringing Windows 7 to the iPad.

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2. Google Apps withdraw Internet Explorer 6 support

Google has finally decided to stop support for the ancient browser that is Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 has been abandoned by its manufacturer, Microsoft. This move by Google follows the alleged hacking of GMail, which McAfee claims is due to a security flaw in IE 6.

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3. Ubuntu 10.04 replaces Google search with Yahoo!

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has decided to replace Google search with Yahoo! search as the default search in Firefox. Canonical is hoping that it can generate some extra revenue from this move. Of course, users can always change back to Google search.

In another Ubuntu related news, Canonical has released Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.

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4. Mozilla foundation decides to not support h.264 video codec

When YouTube and Vimeo started rolling out HTML5 support, Mozilla's Firefox browser was not listed as a compatible browser because it supports the open-source Theora video codec while YouTube and Vimeo uses the h.264 codec. The Mozilla foundation has said that it has no plans to support h.264 due to cost and uncertainty in licensing.

In other Mozilla related news, Firefox for Nokia's Maemo platform has been released and Mozilla's syncing tool, Weave Sync has reached version 1.0.

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5. VoIP over 3G is now available in iPhone

Apple updated the iPhone developer SDK to allow for VoIP over 3G networks. iCall has already launched their VoIP app which is the first app to make use of this new feature. Hopefully, we will see Google and Skype's VoIP soon as well.

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