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What lies under the hood of your favourite websites?

By Debjit on August 25th, 2009 

sitonomy logoDo you like reading Digital Inspiration? Do you visit Slashdot everyday to get your bite of news from the Tech world? Do you submit links to Digg? Do you regularly take blogging tips from ProBlogger? Are you an avid user of Facebook? But have you ever thought so as to what it takes for the guys at these famous websites to keep them up and running?

Thanks to Sitonomy. It is a free service that allows developers, designers and the common internet users like us to find out which technologiessitonomy website screenshot are used in a specific blog/site and how they are run. Together with the provided statistic information of popular technologies, this service makes it easier to decide what technologies are suitable to your own site. This site presents you with information in the following categories like: What affiliate and advertising networks does the site use, which programming technologies and javascript libraries add to the site`s beauty, how do these sites manage their subscribers and visitor statistics. Sitonomy also provides information on what web-server technlogy is a particular site using and much more. So, try it out now at Sitonomy service analyzes over 1000 most popular blogs and then collects information which is used to make a comprehensive analysis of the specific site.

The best way to use Sitonomy is to add their bookmarklet to your browser, then when you are browsing one of your favourite sites, just click the bookmarklet, and a new page will open which will reveal what is running under your favourite site`s hood. You can also use the sitonomy website to key in your favourite site`s name and get information about it.

Some interesting information about various blogs we read, as found out by sitonomy, are that most of them use feedburner to manage their subscribers. Even we do. Quantcast and Google-Analytics are the most used blog statistics analysis tools and WordPress is the favourite blog software for most of them!

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