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Who Says You Can’t Play Games On Linux? Caster Is Amazing!!

By Ricky on September 5th, 2010 

Ok, everyone knows you can play games on Linux. But what spring to mind when I think about games on Linux are board games, pacman and, at best, Tux Racer and TORC. But good quality 3D games are something that we never associate with Linux. People come up with lots of excuses why there can be no good games on Linux. No, we are not going to list them here.

Frankly, that was my opinion too. But then I played Caster. All I can say about Caster is - It is freaking amazing!! It does not have the crappy graphics that other Linux games usually have. (No offence to the other games.) Its graphics is not like that of Crysis. (I am not much of a gamer and Crysis is what comes to my mind when I think of amazing graphics.) Nonetheless, I have never seen such kind of graphics on a Linux game before. I am completely impressed!

Gameplay in Caster also very good. It is a third person shooter. Basically you play as an inexperienced member of the Caster clan (probably some Warrior clan?). Your job is to help another clan (I am not sure. I went through the dialogs very quickly) get rid of some bug like creatures called Flanx.

Controls are simple. You use the usual WASD to move around, mouse to change camera angle and aim, and left click to shoot.

Ok, enough words. Take a look at what I mean below:

The Splash Screen. Even this looks pretty!

First up you start with some training. A breeze for anyone who has played any games of this type.

You earn credit for killing those Flanx etc. You can use that to improve your character.
That strange discontinuity in the tree is not due to the game. Something happened when I took the screenshot.
The thing on the left is a Flanx and the glowing yellow thing is an energy orb which I have to collect.
And the reflections on the water looks very good as well.
For the first time I encounter a type of Flanx which shoots back at me. They also jump really high and are super-hard to kill.

And did I mention that you can swim as well? The reflections on the water also makes for a very pretty scene.
Look! That strange yellow thing turned me yellow!!
Did I say that those Flanx in the pit are hard to kill? Well, this one is much harder. I had to run away before it kills me.

Well, that is all I played. I played three levels. I am not sure how many levels the demo has. I do not have enough time to finish the demo, but I will finish it, and will probably get the full version.

It is by far the best game I have ever played on Linux and I certainly recommend everyone to try the demo atleast.

The full verion is available for only $4.99. And you can download the demo for free. Link below. For a $4.99 game, what more can you ask for?

It is also available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Purchase Caster/Download demo

And if you are worried about the system requirements, don't worry most computers bought in the last few years should be sufficient.

Let us know your thought.


Who Says You Can’t Play Games On Linux? Caster Is Amazing!! was originally published on on September 3, 2010 - 11:56 pm (Indian Standard Time)