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Windows 8 On Desktop, Mobile & Tablets: Welcome To Seamless Experience!

By Debjit on May 19th, 2011 

Looks like Microsoft has some nice plans for Windows 8 with the devices that it will support. Although not coming directly from Microsoft, but it is now known that Windows 8 will be released in multiple versions which will be customised to run on various kinds of devices such as tablets, mobile phones and not just limited to Desktops and Laptops.

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This confirmation comes from a top official at Intel who said at an investor meeting that Windows 8 would support ARM processors as well in addition to Intel's x86 based processors.The version of Windows 8 which will be made for desktops and laptops is said to have a Windows 7 Mode in order to support legacy applications, making Windows 8 backward compatible.

Windows 8 - Concept Wallpaper

Windows 8 - Concept Wallpaper

Coming to the Windows 8 version for Tablets and Smartphones, Microsoft plans to offer four different editions here for the ARM chips as each version of ARM needs to be addressed for a specific chip but legacy applications will not be supported. The good thing is that, users will get to have a new experience on ARM processors which is very specific for the mobile devices.

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Having the same Operating System and the experience across all your digital devices will only make your work simpler as they would eventually be the same. We hope Windows 8 does exactly the same and makes things for users even more easier!

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