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Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked

By Ricky on February 3rd, 2012 

With the majority of the smartphone market share owned by Android and iOS, Microsoft has been having a difficult time with Windows Phone 7. The platform simply has not been able to make any dent into Android and iOS's dominance. According to the leak by PocketNow, Microsoft is bringing tighter integration between its desktop OS, Windows 8, and the mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.

Let us take a look at the features that are expected in Windows Phone 8 based on the leak.

Windows 8

Windows Phone 8 will be a drastic change from Windows Phone 7 on the inside. Windows Phone 8 will share many features with Windows 8. Unlike Windows Phone 7 which was based on Windows CE kernel, Windows Phone 8 will have the same kernel used in Windows 8. Other areas that the two platforms will share include the network stack, multimedia, security, graphics etc.


According to Thurrot, despite the changes apps for Windows Phone 7.5 will be compatible with Windows Phone 8. Microsoft believes that the Windows Phone ecosystem will have 100,000 apps by the time Windows Phone 8 is released. They are also reportedly adding native code support. This should make it easier for iOS and Android developers to port their apps to Microsoft's platform.

The result of Microsoft's acquisition of Skype will also be seen in Windows Phone 8. Skype will still remain a separate app but it will have better integration into the OS. Microsoft is also doing away with the Zune syncing software in favor of a new one.

Another app that Microsoft is reportedly excited about is a new camera app called lens.


The lack of choice has been one major problem with the Windows Phone platform now. With the exception of the Nokia Lumia 900, most of the other Windows Phone devices on the market right now are all basically the same.

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will offer more choice in terms of hardware. Multi-core processors will finally be supported and 4 more screen resolutions will be available. Interestingly, there are also mentions of more form factors.

Windows Phone 8 will also have NFC capabilities. Users will be able to make payments etc. using their device.


Windows Phone 8 will have many security features found in its desktop counterpart. The OS will support full-device, hardware accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities. Microsoft is aiming at the enterprise market with these security features. Everyday users hardly uses such feature.


Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked was originally published on on February 3, 2012 - 3:19 am (Indian Standard Time)