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WordPress Theme Base – download best wordpress themes for free

By Debjit on July 23rd, 2011 

UPDATE: We just received a notification from WordPress that the Website: has become a source for malware, spyware and spam. So please do not use any theme from this website and if you are using then stop doing so:

WordPress is great blogging platform. People start blogging wit wordpress. There are users who eat wordpress and sleep wordpress. When it comes to blogging, it is not only your content that counts but also your design. Remember if your blog has a good and neat design then it will always leave a great impression on the mind of the visitor. But the point is if you are good at writing, then why should you take pains for the design. Here you have - WordPress Theme Base. The website consists of many themes classified according to colours and columns. They have variety. So go ahead and check out the theme base. All the themes are FREE for preview and Download.

wordpress free theme base directory - digitizor


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