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How to read ebooks on the Amazon Kindle for FREE?

By Debjit on September 8th, 2009 

kindle amazon read free ebooks on kindle how to - digitizorThe Amazon Kindle 2.0 is really a nice device. It lets you do almost anything  you could ask for. From a portable ebook reader, that is. For reading you can download contents from online stores, which sell e-books especially for the Kindle. These stores can charge you anything between USD 1 to USD 5 per book. These ebooks are in special Kindle formats called awz and lrf

But surprisingly the Kindle doesn't support your regular PDFs or DOCs. And that means you wont be able to read stuff out of your favourite collection of PDFs/DOCs which you pain-stakingly built over gradual period of time. So, to  help you get rid of this problem, we will be telling you two techniques  using which you will be able to read e-books for free on your Kindle 2.0. All you need is the PDF or the DOC version of the e-book you want to read on the Kindle. This may be obtained from regular torrent or warez download sites. Now comes the fun part, how do you convert them into Kindle Format:

1) You can use a software called MobiPocket Creator. It can be downloaded from here. Using this Software you can create and convert your loved ebooks (which are in PDF or DOC format) to a Kindle Compatible format.

2) Amazon will do the converion for you FREE of charge. You just need to mail your e-books to <your-kindle-username> as attachments and What you will get in reply is a Kindle Compatible format of your book. replace <your-kindle-username> with your Kindle Username which you might hav received on the purchase of your Kindle 2.0

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