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4 Ways How To Use a QR Code For Your Business

By Debjit on February 1st, 2014 

More and more consumers seem to be magnetically drawn to quick response codes with each passing year. One study confirmed that consumers are more likely to scan QR codes if they know that they are going to receive promotional coupons or additional details that are not already provided to them. They also get excited about receiving more information about the actual brand.

QR Code Example

QR Code Example

You can also convince them to scan codes simply by connecting them to a direct link that will take them exactly where they need to go to make an online purchase. Even though it may seem relatively easy to generate a QR code, there are several things that you should never do if you actually want it to do its job.

Forget to Add Value

Regardless of the specific type of marketing that you decide to invest in for your brand, it is essential that you always remember to add value within it. Your customer has to be able to easily and efficiently see exactly what they can get in return after scanning the code that you have created with your QR generator.

As mentioned earlier, discount coupons and promotional codes are some of the biggest attractions that you can have implemented within the structure of your QR code. If you add a message next to the code that instructs consumers to scan it to receive an online coupon code for 25 percent off of their next purchase, you will quickly notice the response rate for that code skyrocket.

Forget to Educate Your Audience

Keep in mind that there is still a substantial number of people who do not even own smartphones, much less know what a QR code is, or the purpose that it serves. Many business owners forget to educate their prospective consumers on exactly what they are supposed to do with the code that has been processed through a QR generator and then printed onto marketing materials and advertisements.

By making this fatal error, you are basically just wasting your time and resources. A short message within the printed material that features the QR code that explains how they can scan it and what they will receive by doing so is all that is truly necessary.

Make All of Your Codes the Same

The last thing that you want to do is to make all of your quick response codes look the same. This is another fatal error that many business owners make with the presumption that they are saving time and resources by doing so. Keep in mind that the definition of “insanity” is repeating the same routine over and over again expecting a different result.

Establishing variety is essential in all types of effective marketing strategies and QR codes are not exceptions to this rule. Use your QR generator to play around with different styles, colors and even patterns to keep your target audience engaged and interested instead of visually irritated.

View Testing as an Unnecessary Step

Another mistake that can be made when generating QR codes is assuming that they do not need to be tested. Just because you were able to develop one code successfully does not necessarily mean that you will succeed with all of the others that you create, especially when you start to switch things up a little and add variety into the equation.

Remember that a QR code that links to nothing can actually hurt your business more than help it, because you would essentially be raising the hopes and expectations of your consumers for nothing. Therefore, after you have used your QR generator and completed the development stage of your new code, the very next step that you need to complete is testing it before you move forward with producing that code in mass quantities.


4 Ways How To Use a QR Code For Your Business was originally published on on December 20, 2013 - 2:47 am (Indian Standard Time)