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5 tips to save your Reddit comments from the recent hack

By Debjit on September 29th, 2009 

youbrokeitWe already told you about the Reddit attack and how all your previous comments at Reddit are getting replaced by an anomalous message, even if all that you might have done is just hovered over a comment. In this article we will share six tips with you on how to save yourself and your comments from the ongoing attack.

1. Consider using Opera or IE8 to visit the Reddit website for time being as the users using these two browsers have reportedly not been affected.

2. Delete all cookies in your Firefox browser that have "" in them and wait till the Reddit admins delete all the spam comments.

3. Disable JavaScript on your Firefox browser when you plan to visit until they fix the bug.

4. If you are using Firefox then you might like to install the “No Script” add-on and select the option for disabling all scripts.

5. Prevent yourself from hovering over any link on the Reddit website that says reply.

Image via Reddit Blog


5 tips to save your Reddit comments from the recent hack was originally published on on September 29, 2009 - 12:30 am (Indian Standard Time)