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Amazon to launch Web Services in India in collaboration with Tata Communications

By Debjit on April 3rd, 2012 

Looking to tap the huge opportunities cloud computing presents in the Indian market, which is the next big thing for cloud services, Amazon is all set to launch Amazon Web Services in partnership with Tata Communications.

AWS - Amaxon Web services Logo

AWS - Amaxon Web services Logo

Cloud services are already widely used by Indian companies already, but the larger potential in the market to reach out to more people remains strong. Amazon also needs to start building on expansion in the Indian market before Netmagic or other such services do, and according to sources has already started leasing infrastructure from Tata.


A source within Tata said, “We know some of Amazon because they keep buying co-location and networking from us. There is only one answer to what they will use it for.”

John Hayduk (CTO, Tata) did say that Amazon was “not there yet” when it comes to completely launching cloud services, but it's doing well till now with whatever it has started on.

Tata has previously partnered with to bring public cloud computing to India in the form of InstaCompute. For AWS, Amazon has already started looking to hire a few positions in India and plans on launching it sometime this year. Local infrastructure being given through Tata will benefit Amazon as it will help in adhering to local rules and regulations regarding data privacy in India.

Amazon faces competition in the Indian market primarily from Netmagic which plans on selling a 74% stake to NTT Com, such that the latter can provide one-stop ICT solutions in the Indian market as well as expand its base as a provider of seamless cloud services through ICT infrastructure throughout Asia.

More recently, Eucalyptus Systems announced that the Eucalyptus IaaS will be utilised in a big way in the e-governance cloud project of the National Informatics Centre to bring IT and cloud computing to every part of the country.



Amazon to launch Web Services in India in collaboration with Tata Communications was originally published on on April 3, 2012 - 11:56 pm (Indian Standard Time)