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Android based Netbooks now a reality, thanks to Asustek

By Debjit on September 11th, 2010 

Bloomberg reports that Asustek Computer Inc., may install Google`s free Android operating system on its netbooks challenging the dominance of Windows software. It also says that

Google Android Logo

Google Android Logo

Asustek has already allocated engineers to develop an Android-based netbook.  Android is based on Linux and was launched by Google in 2007 as a full fledged Operating System for phones. Now let us look at a few pros of having an Android Based Netbook:

Android was meant for mobile computing. Netbooks which have smaller screens, lower storage and less processing power than standard laptops, making them cheaper will be a perfect machine once they are run on Android. Android has good number of games available for it`s platform thus making gaming a reality on netbooks which were NOT according to previous myths. Android is a very lean and open platform which will enable developers to make software and distribute them very easily.

Since Netbooks do not serve all the purposes of a full fledged computer, they have to be cheap.  Thus if a netbook is run on Android, the OS costs are instantly cut which would not have been the case if Windows was used as the OS.

An Android computer may also operate faster than a Windows machine. Because of higher hardware requirements, Windows- equipped computers can take twice as long to boot up as a Linux netbooks, according to Acer’s Web site.

Google Docs has the ability to completely replace other Software based office suites. Some more code integration may actually enable us to use a Android + Google Docs based office suite.

Android being an OS meant for mobile devices will have better power optimisation options than Linux and Windows. So it really makes a better sense to run Android on a netbook as Android netbook could be instant on and have great battery life.

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