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Android Bug Sending Texts To The Wrong Person

By Ricky on January 1st, 2011 

android_logo A bug in Android’s text messaging app has been found which sometime sends texts to the wrong person. It seems like the bug has been present since June 2010 and has not been fixed yet. This is a pretty embarrassing bug for Android.

It is not immediately known how widespread the problem is. I have never encountered this bug but many are reporting that they have experienced this bug. Going by the response at ZDNet and Reddit, it seems the problem affects a fairly large number of people.


This issue is with only the default messaging app. The other messaging apps in the market does not seem to be having this problem. So, it seems likely that the problem is not with Android OS but with the app. Even then, Google makes the default messaging app and it makes Android look bad.

This is a very serious problem in my opinion – you know you could be sending a text to your friend and it could end up with your boss and could get you fired etc. Texting is a very basic function of a phone and I find it incredible is that such a problem has been lying around unfixed for more than six months.

The bug is currently given a priority medium but I think it is a more serious issue than that and should be made high priority.


Android Bug Sending Texts To The Wrong Person was originally published on on January 1, 2011 - 1:44 pm (Indian Standard Time)