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Does Apple Own Redirects To HTML5 Page On Apple’s Website

By Debjit on June 23rd, 2011 

HTML5 is gradually catching up with users and is becoming a fast favorite among developers. Off late, even big organisations have announced their move to switch their existing web based applications to use HTML5 and related libraries. Recently we told you about a HTML5 version of Google Docs,which is in the pipeline and also Microsoft, who announced that Windows Live SkyDrive would totally be revamped and built on HTML5.

So with all the hype around HTML5, wouldn't the domain name be a prized possession? Yes, Indeed. And the news is that is probably owned by none other than Apple Computers. We are not very sure about this but when you visit in a browser, you will notice that you are redirected to the HTML5 page on Apple's website. redirects to the HTML5 page on redirects to the HTML5 page on

We ran a Whois query on the domain name -, it returns that GoDaddy is the registrant of the domain and a company called Domains by Proxy has been listed as the technical contact in order to protect identity. The domain was first created back in 2004 (26th July, 2004).

If GoDaddy had owned the domain, then we do not see any reason why they would redirect it to Apple's website, this page to be more specific. So it is quite clear that Apple owns the domain and have not listed themselves in any contact just to maintain this anonymity and this is pretty obvious.

So, it is quite possible that Apple may be working on some new technology or a product which uses HTML5 from grounds up. As of now, the page (where redirects to) has a showcase of how Apple has been using HTML5 in it's various products such as the Safari Web Browser, new Macintosh computers and Apple's iOS powered mobile devices.


Does Apple Own Redirects To HTML5 Page On Apple’s Website was originally published on on June 23, 2011 - 11:14 pm (Indian Standard Time)