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Richard Stallman: “Android Phones Do Not Respect Your Freedom”

Google has frequently flaunted the openness of its own Android platform. The openness of the platform is one of the main reasons it has attracted many geeks – the ability to modify and run your own software is something that other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone 7 cannot provide. Last year, the then Apple…

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By Ricky

Google Releases Chrome 14 With Support For NaCl

Chrome Logo

Google has updated its Chrome browser in the stable channel to version 14. While increase in version number is not usually a big deal with Chrome because of its frequent updates, Chrome 14 is still an important release. With Chrome 14, in addition to the usual bug fixes, Google has included two important new features…

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By Ricky

Microsoft Drops Flash In Favor Of HTML5 For Metro Internet Explorer 10

Flash is considered the bane of web technologies. Apple had been shipping their products Flash-free for some time now citing the impact on performance that Flash brings. It appears that Microsoft too is going in that direction. Dean Hachamovitch, the lead of the IE Team at Microsoft, has announced on a blog post that Metro…

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By Ricky

Windows 8 Will Have An App Store

Microsoft is all set to introduce a new app store for Windows 8. The Windows 8 app store, which is simply called Store, will be the exclusive channel for the distribution of Metro Apps. Metro Apps are those fullscreen touch-screen friendly apps that is being introduced in Windows 8. Unlike the classic Windows applications, they…

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By Ricky
Advertisement Hacked; Windows Installer Replaced By Malware Hacked; Windows Installer Replaced By Malware

This morning the server was hacked and the windows installer was replaced by a malware. According to the BitTorrernt blog, the incident happened at 4:20 am PDT and it was discovered at around 6:00 am PDT. According to the blog, the malware is a fake antivirus – also known as a scareware. It pops…

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By Ricky

Windows 8 Will Have Xbox LIVE Integration

Windows 8 Will Have Xbox LIVE Integration

There has been a lot of rumor that Windows 8 might feature Xbox LIVE integration. Well, today the rumor has been confirmed as true. Larry Hryd, the Director of Programming for the Microsoft Xbox LIVE, has confirmed on his blog that Xbox LIVE is indeed coming to PCs in Windows 8. What this means is…

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By Ricky

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Developer Preview

Yesterday, Microsoft showed a glimpse of what Windows 8 has to offer at the Build Conference. They demoed Windows 8 running on a Samsung Tablet. Windows 8 is inspired by Windows Phone 7 and it has also adopted the Metro UI. While the UI looks like it has been developed with touch interfaces in mind,…

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By Ricky

Opera Introduces Support For Gtk3

GNOME 3 was released earlier this year – and along with it came Gtk3. Some distributions, such as Fedora 15, have already moved from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3. While others, like Ubuntu 11.10, is moving to the new version of GNOME. Today Opera has announced that support for Gtk3 is also coming to their…

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By Ricky

Report: Bing Accounts For 29% Of Searches In US In August

Report: Bing Accounts For 29% Of Searches In US In August

According to the latest statistics released by Experian Hitwise, Bing’s market share in on the raise in the US. According to the statistics for August, Bing accounts for 29% of the searches in the US while Google is still holding a commanding lead at 65%, Bing’s market share of 29% represents a 3% increase from…

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By Ricky

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